JUVIA x BUNTE – Monaco, Baby!

The collection conveys a unique flair: Italian-Bavarian glamour and the eternal promise of Munich, a city full of desire, paired with a mischievous, casual wink.

The homage to Munich's society does not come across as serious, but actually as quite relaxed. It evokes memories of the time of Munich legends long since elevated to a nostalgic cult. It makes us think of the roving reporter, Baby Schimmerlos, or the eternal man about town: Monaco Franze. Nonchalance is the clincher in BUNTE's declaration of love to its home town. The iconic style is available for her, him, big, small - for everyone - in the usual high-quality Juvia fabric.  

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Monaco Crew – Coming soon!

This is to all people who like to end their workday at the Isar, treat themselves to a cool Maß in the beer garden every now and then, enjoy the sun in the English Garden, watch sunsets on the Hackerbrücke and spend their Saturdays wandering from stand to stand at the Viktualienmarkt: You are part of the Monaco Crew! And you can now wear this exclusive membership in the form of neon orange on bright purple! The new sweater is not only the super casual, but also another declaration of love from BUNTE to its hometown of Munich. We love style - we love Monaco di Baviera!

About our collection

The collection stands for a relaxed Munich that swings to its own beat: a small, not entirely serious flirtation with nonchalance, glamour, society, the fabled Italian-Bavarian attitude towards life and the eternal promise of this city full of desire that we love so much; and which is, if nothing else, home to BUNTE, Europe's largest people magazine: Monaco, Baby!

 Incidentally: For those who tend to think of the Côte d'Azur when they think of Monaco, we cheerfully shout: Whatever!

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Now also for men

The casually cool and incredibly comfortable styles are also available for men. In a red hoodie, red Bermuda shorts or white statement shirts, flirting is just that little bit better.

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