JUVIA Collaborations

Discover our collaborations created with selected partners: Glam-O-Meter, BUNTE, InStyle Mini & Me, Placetobe and @vikyandthekids ... Let yourself be inspired!

JUVIA x Glam-O-Meter

Relaxed, casual, cool – without taking anything too seriously. That's Glam-O-Meter. A new love brand, founded by Germany’s voice of fashion Annette Weber.


“The difference between fashion and art is that fashion is art in movement”
- Carolina Herrera

The intersection between art and fashion is a statement that creativity is not restricted to galleries and museums, but has its place in daily life. The exciting JUVIA x LOVE HATE collaboration was created with a vision to encourage visual culture to blossom on these wearable art pieces. Fashion gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves, and freedom of expression is at the core of the LOVE HATE mission.
Wear art. Spread LOVE.

JUVIA x BUNTE - Monaco, Baby!

The collection stands for relaxed Munich flair: a little tongue-in-cheek flirt with nonchalance, glamour, society and the Italian-Bavarian lifestyle – and the eternal promise of this great city that we love so much and that is home to BUNTE, Europe’s biggest people’s media platform.


Unique, oversized, super soft and unisex. The quantity: extremely limited. The love: limitless. So make it a Bussi, a Bussi Royal!

JUVIA x BUNTE Beauty Days

This year Juvia was not only an exhibitor at the BUNTE Beauty Days 2019, but also designed a limited sweater and t-shirt collection exclusively for BUNTE.

69,00 € 39,95 €

JUVIA x InStyle

"We’re proud of our new family member. In addition to cool outfits for mums and kids, there are lots of practical tips on topics ranging from diet to travel - pretty much anything women have to deal with before and after the birth of their child.“

Kerstin Wenig, Chefredakteurin InStyle

JUVIA x el paradiso

To kick off the season, there is a cooperation with the el paradiso Mountains Club St. Moritz. As a special we combine their complex prints and logos with our cozy styles.



Thanks so much to everyone who made our #MEGAcampaign with @placetob such a big success. Together with you we spread the message of a united Europe to millions of people. We’re happy to donate all the amounts of this campaign to the charity @EinHerzFürKinder ❤️ #MakeEuropeGreatAgain - this is what we strongly believe in!


JUVIA x @vikyandthekid

,,It's such a pleasure to work with brands you truly believe in! Taking my relationship with JUVIA to the next level - I started as a client of the brand and have now become part of the family ♥ That's why I am very proud to present my first collection in collaboration with JUVIA." - Viktoria Rader, Influencer

Viky Special
Viky Special