JUVIA x Glam-O-Meter

Juvia and Glam-O-Meter. A match made in heaven. JUVIA, the kings of comfort, the market power for feel-good fashion at great prices. No one else makes Loungewear this good. Glam-O-Meter, the styling authority with the fun crew. A strategic partnership made more than little sense. Together: to the power of two!

The Glam-O-Meter Sweater

Let’s see it. Casual and sporty. Cool boyfriend cut with a round neckline and ribbed cuffs.

Goes with jeans, cargo trousers, pencil skirts, pleated skirts or shorts, literally EVERYTHING in your wardrobe. The Glam-O-Meter sweatshirt is the new wardrobe favourite. The quick trend upgrade!

The Glam-O-Meter motto: All Ages, All Access. Glam-O-Meter has no age limit, no matter how young or old. And there’s just one size. ONE size. One size fits all. It’s loose for some and very loose for others.

Do you have any questions or compliments? Get in touch: glamometer@juvia.com

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Relaxed, casual, cool – without taking anything too seriously. That’s Glam-O-Meter. Welcome to the club, you’re in the right place. “All Ages, All Access”. Glam-O-Meter is the VIP pass for our exclusive comfort lounge.

Glam-O-Meter. A new love brand, founded by Germany’s voice of fashion Annette Weber. It’s also a clever blog and a chic Instagram profile. A clique of women (all ages!) and their favourite looks.

Glam-O-Meter Mini Me

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0,00 € 89,95 €