Monaco, Baby!

Monaco, Baby!


The collection stands for relaxed Munich flair: a little tongue-in-cheek flirt with nonchalance, glamour, society and the Italian-Bavarian lifestyle – and the eternal promise of this great city that we love so much and that is home to BUNTE, Europe’s biggest people’s media platform.

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We’re not taking the homage to Munich’s high society too “beeriously” though because it’s all about cool, casual and laid-back leisure. So, you see, it’s more Gärtnerplatz and less Maximilianstrasse! A really oversized jumper, a loose-cut T-shirt and cool socks with Bussi Royal in a yellow retro print on traditional pine green... They remind us of the long-hailed heroes from Helmut Dietl's TV series. Legends like raving reporter Baby Schimmerlos or the infamous womaniser, Monaco Franze.

Yet, even more than BUNTE's initial declaration of love to her homeland (Monaco, baby!), it's a testament to casual style. JUVIA, with its signature fabric manufactured in Portugal, is releasing the first edition of the collection designed in Munich: unique, oversized, super soft and unisex. The quantity: extremely limited. The love: limitless. So make it a Bussi, a Bussi Royal!

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BUSSI ROYAL is our capsule collection. The retro style celebrates the crème de la crème of Munich society and the signatory kiss on the cheek for which it became renowned. It’s also a tribute to the city as the proud seat of Bavaria’s monarchy, whose appearance is still shaped by its 19th-century sovereigns today.

With its yellow print on traditional fir green, the first edition quickly became a firm favourite and is now joined by two new colours, bringing even more brightness and fun.

So turn every kiss into a Bussi Royal!

But quick – these limited-edition pieces won’t be around for long!

0,00 € 49,00 €
0,00 € 49,00 €