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LOVE HATE Collection

We care. We create. We connect.


Christmas is about LOVE.

Showing, sharing, and wearing LOVE.
It is a time to reflect on the precious moments in life, to focus on what is truly important, and to find ways to come together with friends and family to overcome negativity. The perfect gift to remind your nearest and dearest that LOVE conquers all – this Christmas, spread LOVE throughout the world with the cozy LOVE HATE x JUVIA Christmas Edition sweater. From the artwork in Moscow to the latest installation in Washington DC, LOVE crosses oceans and transcends borders. No matter where we are in the world, we all deserve LOVE this Christmas.


Der gesamte Erlös geht an die Menschenrechtsorganisation Human Rights Watch.



A manifesto for LOVE

Monumental in scale and ambition, the “one-word poem” consisting of oversized letters - read from the front as LOVE, and HATE from the back - with its ambiguous meaning, reflects the division of today’s Zeitgeist and promotes societal discourse. The artwork has travelled through 20 countries over the past decade and has become a democratic artwork, a collective communicative platform for people from all nations and backgrounds.

Let’s create a cultural network of human connections: A plea against indifference. An idea for peace.



“The difference between fashion and art is that fashion is art in movement.” - Carolina Herrera

"The intersection between art and fashion is a statement that creativity is not restricted to galleries and museums, but has its place in daily life. The exciting JUVIA x LOVE HATE collaboration was created with a vision to encourage visual culture to blossom on these wearable art pieces. Fashion gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves, and freedom of expression is at the core of the LOVE HATE mission. Wear art. Spread LOVE."



Der gesamte Erlös des violet tulip Charity-Modells "I LOVE U" Sweater geht an die Menschenrechtsorganisation Human Rights Watch.


From Mia with Love & Thanxxx

The multimedia artist Mia Florentine Weiss is a total work of art.

"As a cross-border commuter and philanthropist, she lives and works between Berlin and Los Angeles. Her vision is a cultural discourse that connects people through art. Her famous ambigram sculpture LOVE HATE (one word that is read from the front as LOVE and from the back as HATE) is now in many European cities and will be exhibited in the USA this year.

The sculpture invites the viewer to change their perspective and sets an important sign in our divided society: Turn Hate into Love! As an artist, human and mother, Weiss appeals to all of us with her work to transform the current hatred in the world into love.


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