Medium Length Jumpsuits Terrycloth - Jumpsuit flamingo Medium Length Jumpsuits Terrycloth - Jumpsuit flamingo
  Terrycloth - Jumpsuit - flamingo
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Regular Fit Jumpsuits Jumpsuit l.grey mel. Regular Fit Jumpsuits Jumpsuit l.grey mel.
Sale Jumpsuit - l.grey mel.
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Elegant loungewear jumpsuits

Our go-to piece: just slip into a casual jumpsuit and your outfit is ready – they are so easy to style and ensure an elegant look. Soft, flowing loungewear fabrics create elegant looks and promise super soft comfort. This stylish loungewear piece offers more versatility than most other pieces can match, and can holds its own in all outfits from casual to elegant.

Jumpsuits – casual styled

Jumpsuits just have to be combined with the right accessories and a simple, elegant everyday look is assured. Women’s jumpsuits for summer in a short playsuit design, paired with sandals or flip flops, are perfect for relaxed holiday days when we want to look amazing without spending much time getting ready. The elegant jumpsuits are also very easy to handle, because the softly flowing loungewear fabrics do not crease when folded up in a suitcase. Summery prints round off the look – a cheeky zebra jungle print ensures a cool eye-catching detail. Plain-coloured playsuits in diverse colours are especially elegant. Long jumpsuits styled with trainers or sandals create an urban everyday look which works well around town or in a café. And it goes without saying that elegant jumpsuits also let us get really comfortable when enjoying some time at home on the couch.

Jumpsuits – elegantly styled

Accessories set the tone. The long-legged version of the jumpsuit can be made ready for cool cocktail parties in a flash. Pair it with court shoes and a beautiful necklace and you have a stylish evening look that is fit for any event. Elegant jumpsuits in muted colours styled with strappy sandals and a clutch look amazing at fancy weddings. Combined with elegant sandals or trainers, jumpsuits also look great in the office. You can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit and you can create an elegant look in the blink of an eye.


JUVIA is a luxury label specialising in stylish “easy-to-wear” fashion. The loungewear jumpsuit is exceptionally easy to handle. From beach holidays to weddings, elegant jumpsuits stand out thanks to their ease of styling and enormous versatility. Flowing fabrics ensure that you no longer have to go anywhere without your personal comfort lounge. Check out our online shop for a huge range of casual jumpsuits. Welcome to the JUVIA club.