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fresh must-haves

Our Capri collection comes in a range of bright, fresh colours. Must-haves include a new take on zebra patterns in an abstract zig-zag look. Our butterfly prints add a breath of fresh air. For casual wear, dip-dye jumpers and baggy trousers are just what you need.

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cool colour trend

Tones from the purple colour family are a must as trend colours for spring/summer 2021. The current colour tones are lilac and violet. Combined with coral and chalk, they produce a fresh, cool colour trend. A leopard print in matching colours and a print with large, artistic leopard motifs complete the story.

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light freshness

This collection is defined by a summery yellow as a light, fresh colour. Striking in monochrome looks and as an eye-catching accent alongside other tones. Vibrant yellow can be paired with olive green and white as well as with salmon. Printed styles with abstract pineapples underline the freshness of the trend. Jungle prints add a certain elegance.

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maritime mood

The classic trend colour of the 2021 spring palette is navy. Combined with beige, white and denim, it produces a fresh look with maritime accents. A distinctive all-over koi print dominates the collection. It brings together all colours - perfect to combine with our basics. A little less maritime is a very elegant combination of the all-over leopard print with beige and white. Batik styles add some coolness.

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Juvia for Men

relaxed & easily combined

The new elegance for stylish men: loungewear is the biggest trend in 2021 and is setting new standards in the men’s clothing scene. Cosy loungewear is great as an elegant weekend look and also looks great in the office. High-quality fabrics and elegant cuts ensure a stylish entrance in any setting.

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Styles we love

Slim Fit - Sweatpants black | JUVIA Slim Fit - Sweatpants
0,00 € 119,00 €
Loose Fit - Sweatpants violet tulip | JUVIA Loose Fit - Sweatpants
0,00 € 149,00 €
T-Shirt white | JUVIA T-Shirt
0,00 € 69,00 €
Regular Fit - Sweatpants navy | JUVIA Regular Fit - Sweatpants
0,00 € 129,00 €


relaxed, casual & cool

Relaxed, casual, cool – without taking anything too seriously. That’s Glam-O-Meter. Welcome to the club, you’re in the right place. “All Ages, All Access”. Glam-O-Meter is the VIP pass for our exclusive comfort lounge.

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Back in stock

Just in time for easily the cosiest time of the year, we're launching the new "Monaco, Baby!" – Collection pieces and those in high demand – Our favourite pieces are BACK IN STOCK again!

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The new elegance. Loungewear is ready to make its big entrance, because it is more versatile and elegant today than ever before. From casual sweatpants to elegant maxi dresses – traditional loungewear comfort is emerging from its shell to show off its versatility. Be it cosy in your own home or at dinner in a trendy restaurant – elegant loungewear will leave you feeling great whatever the setting. The cosy comfort speaks for itself, while super soft materials make loungewear the trend of 2021 and turn every event into your personal comfort lounge.

Elegant loungewear – for all occasions

Our everyday lives are varied – and elegant loungewear knows how to handle it. It’s the accessories that decide which look the loungewear takes. Create luxurious everyday outfits with elegant sandals or cool trainers. Paired with high heels, a hand bag and a chic belt, your luxury loungewear look can even hold its own and exude pure glamour at a cocktail evening. With flip-flops and a pair of sunglasses, loungewear is a cool choice for relaxed days or parties at the beach. And the best thing: the softly flowing fabrics do not crease in your suitcase so you can grab that at any time for an elegant look.

Stylish at home

The goal: feeling comfortable in your own skin at home. In elegant loungewear, we can relax on the couch and enjoy life while feeling much better about ourselves. Smelly old leggings and oversized jumpers can find their own way out: today we are slipping into elegant, luxury loungewear to maximise that feeling of cosiness and elegance.

Loungewear Sets

Coordinated loungewear sets for women and men are our everyday heroes, because they are so quick to style. Perfectly matched colours and patterns create a well-thought-out look that you can wear anywhere. From plain-coloured hoodies and multi-coloured tops to sweatshirts with all-over prints – mix-and-match options let you give your outfit a very individual flavour. The loungewear trend 2021.


JUVIA is a luxury loungewear label specialising in stylish “easy-to-wear” fashion. Elegant loungewear collections for women and men offer versatile styles characterised by their exceptional comfort. In our loungewear shop, you can order your favourite styles quickly and easily online. Welcome to the JUVIA club.

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