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Attention men! No more must you look at your partner’s casual, cool and comfortable styles in envy. As of now, Monaco, Baby! is also available for stylish men. A red hoodie, white statement sweater or red shorts will get the flirting starting. The collection stands for the care-free, fabled Munich lifestyle and puts you on a par with Monaco Franze and Baby Schimmerlos, the charming men about town and icons of Munich society! Be it relaxed in a beer garden, stylish on the bank on the Isar or simply cosy in your own four walls – the eternal dandy never stops his magic!

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Red Look

Red is the colour of love (for our home town), the colour of passion and the colour of BUNTE! What could be more fitting than the new Juvia x BUNTE collection in brilliant red. "Monaco, Baby!" is an homage to the town in which BUNTE was born. And nobody loves the limelight more than the people of Munich – because, as they say themselves – "wer ko, der ko!” – in other words, "If you’ve got it, flaunt it!"

Together, this red hoodie and these red shorts create an eye-catching look that'll look great long after you've left Munich's Gärtnerplatz quarter!

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Monaco Baby

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