About JUVIA – luxurious loungewear

Sweatshirts, T-shirts & trousers for any occasion

Comfortable yet fashionable – since 2013, the German company JUVIA has been producing exclusive loungewear that you can wear out and about and that can be styled for any occasion. The timeless yet on-trend favourites for men and women can be individually mixed and matched. Experience premium comfort and feel-good energy beyond chilling on the couch and shopping with your best friend. Sweatshirts, T-shirts and sweatpants also deliver a relaxed, elegant look at after-work drinks in the city, on a long flight or at a cosy picnic in the countryside. Exclusive understatement paired with subtle, fashionable details – all in the unmistakeable style of JUVIA.

Quality – premium materials and workmanship

The luxurious loungewear from JUVIA is defined by selected, soft fabrics in premium workmanship, making it a durable option for everyday wear. Exceptionally comfortable sweatshirts, sweatpants and jumpsuits – trousers, dresses and jackets. Cool pieces made of premium-quality, exceptionally soft materials meet harmonious colour palettes, both in solid colours and with distinctive, wearable prints – an innovative, inspiring fashion statement. The collections are made in Europe and meet the highest standards of modern, universal loungewear.

Mix and match – loungewear the way you like it

All trendy fashion pieces in the extensive, elegant loungewear collection from JUVIA, including relaxed sweatshirts and cool sweatpants, are really easy to combine into a casual outfit. Trend pieces – soft, cosy and supple, both relaxed and luxurious in very clean cuts. Loungewear that is both multi-functional and individually styleable.

Judith collected hundreds of ideas and inspirations and started her own brand. In 2013, Judith formed the loungewear label JUVIA.

Activewear – sporty and comfortable

The super comfy, sporty collection pieces from JUVIA Activewear make you want to get up and go like nothing else. Yoga and workouts at home or in the gym? Power walking or jogging in the park? The tops, trousers, T-shirts and sweatshirts can be mixed and matched with all collection pieces and always cut a fine figure.

Judith Dommermuth – JUVIA founder and brand owner

Judith Dommermuth, founder and brand owner of JUVIA, travelled a lot from a young age. Trips with her family and her job as a model let her discover the world. But long flights also means a lot of stress and tension. To cope, Judith always fell back on cosy outfits to help her relax. Her idea of creating her own loungewear collection – high-quality, luxurious and fashionable – became a reality in 2013 and started with JUVIA.

JUVIA international

Since 2013, the fashion brand has grown continuously – its loungewear collections are now available in over 500 stores, including renowned shops such as Jades and Burresi and department stores such as KaDeWe, Breuniger and Lodenfrey. On an international level, JUVIA is sold in 10 countries including Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Benelux, Italy, Russia, Poland and Spain. The biggest range of JUVIA items is available in its own online shop.

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