JUVIA – Luxury Loungewear

Cosy – Comfy – Chic

Travelling has always been a big part of Judith Dommermuth’s life. During her childhood, she and her family traveled a lot and once she became a model, it became part of her daily life. Whether she was on the road or at home, as soon as she had some downtime, all Judith wanted to do was to put on a comfy outfit and relax.

Loungewear for a well-being feeling

High-quality loungewear to get cosy in, made of super soft materials in casual styles and a huge variety of colours. Getting comfy while looking good – that’s the idea behind the JUVIA brand.

Breathe – Relax – Enjoy

Inspired by Judith’s travel experiences, she was looking for loungewear, that was both – comfortable and stylish. This is how her idea of an "easy to wear" collection came about.

Judith collected hundreds of ideas and inspirations and started her own brand. In 2013, Judith formed the loungewear label JUVIA.

Mix & Match

At JUVIA, being able to mix and match pieces from the collections and making fashion that is suitable for everyday wear is very important. The versatile combinations of key pieces with cosy basics make this possible.


Our activewear collection adds some extra fun to your workout. And on top: you can combine the pieces with other JUVIA styles.


Since our 2013 launch, the JUVIA collection has been available for sale internationally in over 500 shops, such as JADES, DONNA and BURRESI and department stores like KaDeWe, Breuninger and Lodenfrey. Internationally, you can find our collections in 10 different countries, including DACH, BeNeLux, Italy, Russia, Poland and Spain.

Our own online shop has the biggest selection of JUVIA styles and we’re excited to have you here. If you have any questions, feedback, ideas or inspirations that you want to share with us.
Get in touch: service@juvia.com